Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break Day 3

Day 3
WMOC was able to distribute Bibles to all the classes at Misiones de Alcance Mundial Centro Escolar Cristiano Los Andes. Ron Mcelrath donated over 350 Bibles, that where written in Spanish, for WMOC to deliver to each of the children. The children were so captivated by the generosity of WMOC's staff and, with open arms, received the message we brought them about the word of God.

After time was spent on passing out Bibles and delivering the children with the message of the day, it was time for some recreational fun. WMOC provided new recess toys for the children to be able to play with. It is always humbbling to watch these children enjoy playing with simple common activities that we as American's often take for granted. With the Principal of the School. In Nicaragua we are blessed to have the freedom to be able to go into the schools and educate the youth about the word of God. In the United States there is only limited freedom of being able to teach openly about religion in schools. God is is beginning to pour out his blessings on Nicaragua and with people like you those blessings will continue to grow and develop.

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  1. That must have been a great experience!

  2. I wish I could experience the feeling of hanging out bible to those in need. Really enjoyed “BC”

  3. You guys should come down to WMOC in Nicaragua this summer and enjoy it first hand. It is a life changing trip.

  4. Another great post. Thank you for sharing and for helping out.