Monday, March 23, 2009

La Chureca - Nicarguan Land Filled

Inside Managua there is a place that no one wants to go; not even the vultures want to venture through the ruins. La Chureca is a landfill in Managua that services as a refuge and community for thousands of Nicaraguans. This place is considered by the world community as one of the Seven Horrendous Wonders of the World, the opposite of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is overwhelming to see and experience this level of poverty.

A young boy on the mounds of rubbish.
When you arrive at La Chureca, you immediately are engulfed with a smoky haze of toxic air from burning plastic, chemicals, and other hazardous rubbish. This landfill community has felt the effect of poverty so severely that when the people are given shoes or other hygienic items they have no other choice but to sale them to get money for food. In the past, out of the children who had no shoes, about three quarters of them sold their shoes for food. These kids would rather walk on piles of trash and broken glass all day, than keep their shoes and face starvation and death.
WMOC has collaborated with the Nicaraguan government to help set up medical stations with in La Chureca. This allows the people that are living in this landfill to seek treatment for the dangerous and deadly conditions they are forced to live under. Nicaraguan government laws only permit the Nurses and Doctors that visit La Chureca to stay at the landfill for six hours per visit, due to the hazardous affects that these conditions have on the human body. Imagine having your government prevent visitors to stay at your house longer than a few hours because it might kill them if they stay to long. This is the kind of conditions and poverty that these people live in. A world of bile, trash, feces, chemicals, smoke, radiation, and hell.
World Mission Outreach (WMO) currently has a feeding program for 200 children with in La Chureca. Without WMOC these children would have no other resources to find food. WMO has opened a church and a preschool for 40 children inside the landfill. If you do not rescue these children by preschool there is often little hope for them. Eventually, they will be brought into a life of addiction, and lose almost all hope. I am sure God can save anyone, but it is best to give them a hope while still young and un-jaded by the place and environment they are born into. To help save these children please visit WMOC for more information
Are you interested in setting up a mission trip to come help these children in person?
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Your donations are always greatly appreciated. From financial, food, medical equipment, shipment containers, time, or just prayer, WMOC is able to exists because of people like you.

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  1. I just got back from La Chureca, and I am so thankful for this orginization. I saw the medical center (if it's the same one) in the dump, and to see that the children were in school was so encouraging. Thank you so much for helping spread the word about La Chureca, and for spreading the gospel. Just because these kids live in the dump, doesn't make them garbage, and by giving them education, medical attention, and just love, it's letting them see Jesus. Thank you, again.