Monday, April 6, 2009

Need Assistance for a Church being Foreclosed

Worlds Missions Outreach has the opportunity to help save a church and home that will be foreclosed in the next week. WMO has been asked to payoff the debt and become the new owners of this property. The property consist of a large fenced in church, pastors home, enclosed garage and paved parking area, and an outdoor covered palladium stage that all over looks the river baptism and a second piece of property with a YOUTH camp. The pay off on all this property is 16,000. WMO would own this facility to help continue to benefit the ministries mission. WMO would like to save this church from being repossessed to save the pastor from loosing his home and keep the church doors open. This is a wonderful church mission project and we believe to be an estimated value well of over $200,000. God is doing some mighty things here in Nicaragua. WMO does not have the funds to keep the facility from being foreclosed, so we are asking our Mission Partners for help in any way that they can to raise the $16,000.

Please contact Larry in Nicaragua at
Internet line 1-704-257-6018
Lisa is the states at 980-521-7649.
or email us back at

Thank you and God Bless. local office in USA
Lisa SowardsWorld Missions Outreach
PO Box 434Harrisburg NC 28075

Larry and Donna Wright
Misiones de Alcance Mundial
Km. 19 Carretera vieja a León Managua, Nicaragua
internet line 1-704-257-6018

Sunday, April 5, 2009

April Updates from World Missions Outreach

We are in awe of all of the different things that God is doing here in Nicaragua.

We have begun our fourth year at the School here at the mission. While adding a grade each year until we complete high school, we now have a ninth grade. This year we have 320 children in the school here at the World Missions Campus.
We started a new WMO school at a different community with around 200 children. This school is pre-school through the sixth grade. It was God who made this to happen because the government of Nicaragua is taking a stand of no new private or Christian, schools.

We have been allowed to open this facility as an exception because of our good standing with the government; and there is no tuition charge because most all of our children come from poverty stricken families. This new school is a great blessing for this community. In Nicaragua there are so many children who never go to school or drop out before they get to the sixth grade.

It is our goal to keep all of the children we have in our schools going to school. This is the way to change their future.
We are feeding around 22,000 children a day. These are children that are come from extremely poor families, and for many, this is the only meal they receive.

We receive donations of food on 40 foot container loads, but we do not have the funds to ship the containers to Nicaragua. God has sent people that have partner with us to help in this work for his Kingdom. We are blessed to have many people who care about the children of Nicaragua and we want to continue to grow with in his work.

We want to thank everyone who has made an effort to support this mission. We have a couple moving here from Georgia this month to work with World Missions Outreach. Also, there are two young men from Arizona that God has led to help us by working here at the mission house. They have been a great blessing, taking on leadership rolls, working anywhere they are needed, and actively serving the ministry.

Lisa, our daughter, has been a great blessing by staying in Nicaragua for a couple of months to help and service the ministry. She handles all of the logistics for the containers we send to Nicaragua. During Christmas she and Amanda, our grand-daughter, helped us give out toys to more than 40,000 children.

It takes a lot of people to keep this ministry going and God is sending in different people from many different places to fulfill that need. We want to thank each person who has helped us. Continue to pray for us. I know that you will be truly blessed for helping fight the war against poverty in Nicaragua.

One Hundred per-cent of everything that you give goes directly to help the children here; rather it be through sending containers of food, clothes and shoes, school supplies, hygiene products, our school program, or some of our other projects. All of our North America staff works as a volunteer, including Larry and myself.

God bless you.
In His Service,

Monday, March 30, 2009

The People that YOU have Helped Through World Missions Outreach - Story 2

World Missions Outreach would like to share with you some of the wonderful things that have been going on in Nicaragua. All of these wonderful blessings would not be possible if it was not for people like you to help make this difference in the lives of so many.

Emma is eight years old and on her first visit to Nicaragua. She is spending time with her new friend that she has made.

Emma's new friend has a serious sight complication and can not see without her glasses. She has not been able to see because her family can not afford to pay for her optometrists visit or glasses. Now, with the help of Missions Outreach, she has been able to have regular optometrists visits and brand new glasses.

This man is her father. World Missions Outreach was able to supply their family with a walker and port-a-potty, because his elderly mother can not walk to the out house by herself to use the restroom.

Burn Victim - The People that YOU have Helped Through World Missions Outreach

World Missions Outreach would like to share with you some of the wonderful things that have been going on in Nicaragua. All of these wonderful blessings would not be possible if it was not for people like you to help make this difference in the lives of so many.
This little boy was burned very badly because of a fire that started in his home.
His father, who is now considered a hero, went in after his son to save his life. The young man was able to save his son, but unfortunately both of the two were severely burned by the fire. With the help of people like you, World Missions Outreach was able to help this family get back on their feet by supplying them with clothes and other necessities that they lost due to the fire.

The bag was so big, it took five people to get it through the church doors.

WMOC was not only able to supply them with only one bag, but two! WMOC brought enough supplies to be distributed to everyone that was in need at the church.

With a little help from WMOC, this family was able to overcome this travesty and continue living.

If you are interested in becoming a part of World Missions Outreach and making a difference for people all across the world please visit:

Something as small as 15 minutes of you time can make a difference.

To make a non profit tax deductible donation to world missions outreach please or visit

Please remember to continue to pray for World Missions Outreach and the war on poverty.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

NEEDED: Donated Used Musical Instruments For Children In Nicargua

World Missions Outreach is in need of musical instruments for the school of Misiones de Alcance Mundial Centro Escolar Cristiano Los Andes.
WMOC is requesting the help of donations for our school that is including the following instruments: Guitars,Trumpets, Trombones, Tenor Sax, Alto Sax, Baritone Sax, Flutes, Clarinets, Timbales, Kettle Drums- (Double drums -small), Base Drums-(Big Drums), Snare Drums-(Middle Drums),Maracas, and Xylophones.
Your generous donation and contribution will help benefit, impact, and enrich the lives of thousands of children in Nicaragua. WMOC wants to offer the children of Nicaragua the same opportunities that our children in America experience. Where would the world be without music? We need you to help keep the fire and energy of music flowing though out the world.

WMO is a nonprofit organization and a tax donation receipt can be given for your donation.
For more information about the organization, visit:

If you have instruments you would like to donate, or to organize an instrument drive to collect instruments for the children in the school, please contact:
These are the faces of tomorrow, will you be a part of their lives?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

La Chureca Video- Nicarguan Land Filled

La Chureca is a landfilled the is called home by over 2,500 people in Nicaragua; 700 of them are children. You can help today by "Sponsoring a child"
Please visit World Missions Outreach Center to start making a difference in these childrens lives today.

Please visit: La Chureca, Nicaragua to learn more about these children's living conditions.

When you agree to sponsor a child, you agree to send $30 a month to meet the needs of that child. Your tax-deductible donation provides:

-Two meals a day
-Medical needs

Your gift will go a long way!
Please help us by supporting one of our children.

Monday, March 23, 2009

La Chureca - Nicarguan Land Filled

Inside Managua there is a place that no one wants to go; not even the vultures want to venture through the ruins. La Chureca is a landfill in Managua that services as a refuge and community for thousands of Nicaraguans. This place is considered by the world community as one of the Seven Horrendous Wonders of the World, the opposite of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is overwhelming to see and experience this level of poverty.

A young boy on the mounds of rubbish.
When you arrive at La Chureca, you immediately are engulfed with a smoky haze of toxic air from burning plastic, chemicals, and other hazardous rubbish. This landfill community has felt the effect of poverty so severely that when the people are given shoes or other hygienic items they have no other choice but to sale them to get money for food. In the past, out of the children who had no shoes, about three quarters of them sold their shoes for food. These kids would rather walk on piles of trash and broken glass all day, than keep their shoes and face starvation and death.
WMOC has collaborated with the Nicaraguan government to help set up medical stations with in La Chureca. This allows the people that are living in this landfill to seek treatment for the dangerous and deadly conditions they are forced to live under. Nicaraguan government laws only permit the Nurses and Doctors that visit La Chureca to stay at the landfill for six hours per visit, due to the hazardous affects that these conditions have on the human body. Imagine having your government prevent visitors to stay at your house longer than a few hours because it might kill them if they stay to long. This is the kind of conditions and poverty that these people live in. A world of bile, trash, feces, chemicals, smoke, radiation, and hell.
World Mission Outreach (WMO) currently has a feeding program for 200 children with in La Chureca. Without WMOC these children would have no other resources to find food. WMO has opened a church and a preschool for 40 children inside the landfill. If you do not rescue these children by preschool there is often little hope for them. Eventually, they will be brought into a life of addiction, and lose almost all hope. I am sure God can save anyone, but it is best to give them a hope while still young and un-jaded by the place and environment they are born into. To help save these children please visit WMOC for more information
Are you interested in setting up a mission trip to come help these children in person?
Please email or visit
Your donations are always greatly appreciated. From financial, food, medical equipment, shipment containers, time, or just prayer, WMOC is able to exists because of people like you.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break Day 3

Day 3
WMOC was able to distribute Bibles to all the classes at Misiones de Alcance Mundial Centro Escolar Cristiano Los Andes. Ron Mcelrath donated over 350 Bibles, that where written in Spanish, for WMOC to deliver to each of the children. The children were so captivated by the generosity of WMOC's staff and, with open arms, received the message we brought them about the word of God.

After time was spent on passing out Bibles and delivering the children with the message of the day, it was time for some recreational fun. WMOC provided new recess toys for the children to be able to play with. It is always humbbling to watch these children enjoy playing with simple common activities that we as American's often take for granted. With the Principal of the School. In Nicaragua we are blessed to have the freedom to be able to go into the schools and educate the youth about the word of God. In the United States there is only limited freedom of being able to teach openly about religion in schools. God is is beginning to pour out his blessings on Nicaragua and with people like you those blessings will continue to grow and develop.

If you are interested in becoming a part of World Missions Outreach please visit:

Something as small as 15 minutes of you time can make a difference.

To set up a mission team to come to Nicaragua and see what we are about please visit:
To make a non profit tax deductible donation to world missions outreach please contact: or visit

Please remember to continue to pray for World Missions Outreach and the war on poverty.